A group of twenty of a grasshopper-like species with segmented eyes collected information on Earth to report to their fleet commander.

They had limited energy with which they gathered using etheric antennae. They only had enough energy to make one disguise pattern, so they disguised themselves as identical old women, with the antennae resembling knitting needles. They used this disguise because according to their analysis of human behaviour, "As far as humans are concerned, all little old ladies look the same." Suspicious of one of these women, Martha Jones followed one into an antiques shop, where she found they were gathering etheric energy with their energy until they could store enough to send a message to the fleet commander. She stole one of the aliens' guns and this caused them to stumble into each other. One of aliens dropped its antennae. The aliens lost their etheric energy and were unable to contact their fleet. They were enveloped in a green light which came from all of their etheric antennae and vanished. (PROSE: Needle Point)

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