Spam Filtered kicked off Doctor Who (2011). It featured the newly-married Amy Pond and Rory Williams in an adventure with the Eleventh Doctor. Notably, it heralded multi-Eisner Award-winning artist Mark Buckingham's first work for Doctor Who. He drew one of the retailer's incentive covers for the issue — specifically RIB, pictured below. This story didn't have a proper title on its release. The title was given some months later by the author Tony Lee. In lieu of an official title, the Grand Comics Database website lists this story under the title Are You Happy with the TARDIS, Doctor? based upon the first dialogue in the story.[1]

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The Eleventh Doctor era starts here! When the TARDIS becomes infected with holographic spam, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory are forced to land on an alien world, but it's been targeted for invasion by intergalactic mercenaries!

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  • The reader letters printed in this issue actually pertain to the last issue of Final Sacrifice (Doctor Who (2009) #16).
  • Amy's jumper was blue in most of the story. But on one page of the comic, it turned red.
  • The Floating Cartoon Stapler that keeps offering assistance is a take-off of the Microsoft Paperclip.

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