Spacenik was a derogatory term used in the 50th and 51st centuries. Professor Frederick Marius assumed the Fourth Doctor to be "one of those good-for-nothing spaceniks" upon concluding that his condition was self-induced. (TV: The Invisible Enemy) Descendants of the hippies and beatniks of the late 20th century, spaceniks would smuggle themselves on board spacecraft in attempts to commune with the mysteries of the universe. They would usually get in trouble and be taken home by the government. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy)

In 4920, Ace was referred to as a "spacenik" by Shafira. (AUDIO: Revenge of the Swarm)

Frank Spiggot compared the Fourth Doctor and Romana II to spaceniks — "harmless, but useful". (PROSE: The Romance of Crime)

Roderik Saarl at first believed that the Seventh Doctor was just some spacenik, not worthy of being the star of a Channel 400 program. (PROSE: Prime Time)

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