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The Station, (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors), more colourfully called Space Station Zenobia, was a Time Lord space station operated by the Celestial Intervention Agency. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

It was massive and equipped with technology to create a time corridor, as well as to pull people and spacecraft through time and space to the station.

A courtroom was located on-board with a screen that allowed the court occupants to view and access the Matrix. The Seventh Door, a gateway to enter the Matrix, was directly outside the court. (TV: The Trial of a Time Lord)


The Station was normally hidden amidst a vast sea of wrecked spaceships. (PROSE: The Mysterious Planet, Legacy, The Infinity Doctors) These ships were in a mostly-lifeless sector of space, with a red supergiant star, at the edge of Kasterborous. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors)


The Three once secretly met up at the station to discuss Peladon. (PROSE: Legacy)

The Sixth Doctor was taken from Thoros Beta on 3 July 2379 and placed on trial on board the station. (TV: The Trial of a Time Lord)

The space station was later brought into the orbit of Etarho when the Valeyard was put on trial. (AUDIO: Trial of the Valeyard)

It was later commissioned to be destroyed by Storin, (AUDIO: The Brink of Death) though by the time of the end of Romana II's presidency it was still in existence for Livia to send Gaal to have a trial there. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

During the Last Great Time War, Space Station Zenobia was replaced by another model, simply named Space Station Zenobia II, used by the Time Lords for mission briefings. It was here that a young War Doctor regularly invited himself onto missions. (AUDIO: Light the Flame) It was also here, that Cardinal Ollistra attempted to recruit the Great Vampires, much to the older War Doctor's protestations. (COMIC: The Bidding War)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Though the space station was first seen in the The Trial of a Time Lord, it was not named until the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Eight Doctors.
  • The model of the space station was six feet wide. The 45-second-long opening scene of it from The Mysterious Planet was the first use of a motion-control camera on Doctor Who, took a week to film, and cost over £8,000 making it the most expensive Doctor Who sequence to date. John Nathan-Turner justified the sequence's cost as it was the first new scene shown to viewers after the programme's hiatus, and by reusing parts of it as establishing shots for the rest of the Trial stories.[1]
  • After use in The Trial of a Time Lord, the model of the space station was exhibited in the Longleat Doctor Who Exhibition from 1987 until it was lost in a fire in 1996.