Space Squid was a comic story published in Doctor Who (2011). It was written by Tony Lee.

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The Doctor, Amy, Rory and new travelling companion Kevin — a cybernetic dinosaur — arrive on a familiar-looking space station. They find a scientific crew under attack from a giant, Cthulhloid space squid! With the security robot destroyed, it's up to the Doctor and his friends to save the day. Who will sacrifice themselves to save the many?

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Story notes Edit

  • The Cthulhoid space squid's name is a reference to H. P. Lovecraft's fictional monster, Cthulhu, which is squid-like in appearance.
  • The staff at the space station bear the names "Fillion", "Katic", "Quinn", "Huertas" and "Dever", a reference to Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Molly Quinn, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever, the cast of the American television series Castle. Artwork of the characters closely resemble those of the actors they are named after.
  • One of the passengers bears a resemblance to Han Solo from the Star Wars franchise. This passenger also utters a paraphrased version of Solo's famous quote "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side".

Continuity Edit

  • Rory mentions protecting Amy for two thousand years. (TV: The Big Bang)
  • When freeing Amy from the squid's mind control, the Doctor reminds her of how she beat the Dream Lord's game. (TV: Amy's Choice)
  • While regaining her own thoughts, Amy recalls fish fingers and custard and her "raggedy Doctor". (TV: The Eleventh Hour)
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