A living soup creature. (COMIC: In the Can)

Soup was a form of food. It was usually eaten with a spoon.

The Fourth Doctor described the Krynoid as turning Charles Winlett's blood into vegetable soup. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

In 1883, Light turned Inspector Mackenzie into primordial soup, which Josiah Samuel Smith served as food. (TV: Ghost Light)

In 1893, Winifred and Ada Gillyflower ate soup for dinner. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

During dinner at Eddison Manor on 8 December 1926, the Tenth Doctor laced the soup with pepper in order to catch a Vespiform. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

On Christmas Eve 2006, Jackie Tyler suggested a "nice bowl of soup" to remedy the newly regenerated Tenth Doctor's neural implosion. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

In 2009, the Slitheen-Blathereen enjoyed tomato soup made by Clyde Langer. (TV: The Gift)

The Seventh Doctor and Ace ate potato and leek soup. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark)

When asked by Ramón Salamander's chef Griffin to tell him a dinner menu, Victoria Waterfield suggested having soup on the menu. (TV: The Enemy of the World)

The Seventh Doctor carried instant soup in his pockets. (PROSE: Parasite)

The Tenth Doctor carried a flask of soup made from the Mayor of London's DNA as a decoy for time assassins who wanted to wipe out the Mayor's lineage. (COMIC: Bus Stop!)

The Doctor warned Charlemagne to avoid the soup. (PROSE: The Lonely Computer)

Hebex and Eizcam created Prime Soup, a brand that contained living soup creatures in a special batch. (COMIC: In the Can)

On Gallifrey, a woman gave the Twelfth Doctor some soup to eat. (TV: Hell Bent)

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