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Sophie Iles is an artist and writer and has written several Short Trips audio stories for Big Finish Productions, including Time Lord Victorious Master Thief released in October 2020 featuring the first incarnation of the Master, and The Frosted Deer for the Bernice Summerfield Christmas Collection. She has also been a regular writer for Doctor Who Magazine as of January 2020.

Sophie's art has found internet acclaim after her work first appeared in Doctor Who Magazine during the Doctor Who on Twitch event in 2018. Her illustrations have been used for The Raggedy Doctor by Amelia Pond, a short story written by Steven Moffat during the Doctor Who lockdown Eleventh Hour event for its 10th anniversary.

In October Sophie created an A-Z Doctor Who Charity Stream on Twitch in support of FareShare UK, drawing for fourteen hours until she had drawn 26 different Doctor Who related things live for her audience. The results of which are currently standing at $4,762 dollars.

Sophie has also been a regular in charity anthologies and zines for both disciplines including both Doctor Who Appreciation Society's fanzines: Cosmic Masque and Celestial Toyroom. She has also edited her own, Mild Curiosities, dedicated to the memory of Jacqueline Hill. All proceeds went to Breast Cancer Now.

Sophie lives in Bristol with her husband Jamie and her cat Olly.[1][2] She identifies as gender-fluid[3] and uses she/her and they/them pronouns.[4]

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