Sophie Gould was a waitress at the El Puerto restaurant in Penarth. While en route to a night out, she witnessed the mutilation of her best friend.


Sophie lived in Cardiff in house she shared with her lodger, Kate, though the pair never developed much of a bond.

Following a busy night at El Puerto, Sophie and her best friend, Kirsty Lane, were leaving for a night out in town when their manager, Terry, told them that police had cordoned off Penarth Marina.

The pair gathered among a sizable crowd at the marina, where a police cordon was in place. They watched as an SUV pulled up, of which an American man and his companion got out and entered the crime scene.

A short while later, Sophie and Kirsty were in the back of a taxi en route to Oceana. Winston, the taxi driver, had to stop for traffic lights on Bute Street. While the taxi was idle, a zombie reached in through the open window and pulled Winston's face off. The door next to Kirsty was wrenched open and Sophie watched in terror as she was dragged out of the car screaming.

Sophie opened the door and fell into the road. Sobbing and shuddering, she kicked off her high heels and ran all the way home - a distance of two miles. By the time she reached her house, her feet were bleeding and embedded with gravel.

Safely back home, Sophie sat in her kitchen with coffee and a cigarette, reflecting on what she'd seen, until a creak on the stairs roused her. A zombie entered the kitchen, with Kate's decapitated head clenched in his fist. Sophie through her mug at the zombie and, after a brief scuffle, managed to escape through the kitchen window.

Sophie hobbled into the road directly in front of a police car driven by PC Andy Davidson, forcing him to swerve against the curb and stall in the middle of the road. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


Sophie was far more reserved than Kirsty. She wasn't one to protest, and would say that she was fine, even if there was something wrong. Sophie struggled to stop Kirsty when she had her mind set on something. Despite this, she still attempted to grasp some control - often being first to tell Kirsty it was time to move on. Sophie was also intuitive, noticing that her manager had an unspoken crush on Kirsty.

She was a smoker, but was trying to give up. After witnessing Kirsty's death, she didn't see the point in living a healthy lifestyle. Sophie felt distraught; she cried until she was dizzy, sick and drained. She felt she was living on borrowed time. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


Andy Davidson considered Sophie to be an attractive young female. She had blonde hair.

To go clubbing, Sophie wore a tight sparkly top, short skirt, high heels and stockings. She had a pink phone case, imprinted with green bubble-letters which spelt out the words "Party Grrrl". (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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