Sonny Robinson was the writer of the comic book series Time Surgeon. He was in a relationship with the series' artist Val Kent. Despite being called the "coolest" and "hottest couple in comics", years of working together put a strain on their friendship.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2012, he was inspired by numerous alien invasions of Earth and various rumours of the Doctor to create Time Surgeon.

At the time of Time Surgeon's 5th anniversary in 2017, Sonny and Val were special guests at a major comic convention in Birmingham. Just before they began their panel, Sonny had an argument with Val that resulted in him running into the men's washroom. The Twelfth Doctor had materialised his TARDIS in the entrance of the loo and, after Val followed Sonny through the doorway, he dematerialised, kidnapping both of them to give them a taste of what time travelling was really like.

First, they visited the Jurassic Era and witnessed the natural beauty of prehistoric Earth before being chased back to the TARDIS by a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex. They witnessed the mating dance of the Abraxas Manta Whales, observed the collision of Myrax and Aurora, were given a tour of M'noa by Quartopelaxtyxwell, and rode Kangastangs on Xebedee.

A trip to Zarma saw Sonny and Val's first encounter with alien invaders. (COMIC: Invasion of the Mindmorphs)

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