"Sonic probe" was a general term used to describe sonic screwdrivers and similar devices. It was a term applied by both Dalek Sec and the Sixth Doctor himself to the Doctor's sonic screwdriver. (TV: Doomsday, AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element)

In an alternate timeline where she was trapped in Apalapucia for thirty-six years, Amy Pond insisted upon calling her sonic device, which she'd built out of her phone and other scavenged items, a "sonic probe" in an attempt to sever all ties to the Eleventh Doctor and her travels with him.

Her device had the ability to re-wire Handbots and could combine with the sonic screwdriver to increase the connection between the separate time zones. When the Doctor took control of her "probe" to help bring two versions of Amy together, she finally admitted it was a screwdriver. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

Amy's sonic probe appeared again when the Zygon disguised as UNIT scientist McGillop came across it in UNIT's Black Archive. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Behind the scenes[]

Doctor Who: Figurine Collection Rare Dalek #12.