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Sonic De-Cloaker was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.


The Tenth Doctor has many enemies scattered through Time and Space. Seek out the monsters, but avoid the black holes! The trick to defeating them is being one step ahead of their evil plans - but to do that you have to find them first.

Point the sonic screwdriver at the sector of space, then click to scan it. Find monsters, and data points are uploaded into the TARDIS computer.

Space is a dangerous place however. Find to many black holes and your atron energy will be drained. Game over!

Some monsters know more about black holes than others, and are more likely to be hiding near one. If the monster's number is low then it is less likely to be hiding near a black hole. For example a Dalek will only have one black hole adjacent to it, whereas the Beast will have five or more. Make sure you know which one is which.

How to play?[]

Sonic De-Cloaker is similar to Minesweeper. Instead of mines there are black holes which have to be avoided. Instead of numbers there are aliens which stand for a certain number:

Only the pc mouse is needed for this game.


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