Something Broken was the sixth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology A Life of Surprises. It was written by Paul Ebbs.

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After the Collection receives records stating that Blastertal started a war in order to sell viewing rights, Bernice Summerfield decides she must do something about it. Because the records were illegally received, Irving Braxiatel tries to convince her that there's nothing she can do.

Blastertal used a fluencegenerator to start the war, so Benny gets herself onto their game show Eat the Poor and sabotages their equipment so she can transmit the records, using the fluencegenerator, to everyone watching the show.

She expects to be killed, but the military calls off the air strike and the population rises up against Blastertal.

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References Edit

  • Blastertal is based on Collasac.
  • Benny was so angered by Blastertal's actions that Joseph locked himself in a cupboard to hide from her.
  • Brax wrote the Mission Statement for the Braxiatel Collection.

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