Solasta was the head of ThiefCorp and leader of the Crime Lords. After Cornucopia was turned into a criminal enterprise economy, she became the effective leader of the planet.

Biography Edit

When the interstellar empires abandoned Cornucopia due to the rad-storm caused by the arrival of the Ziggurat of Cornucopia, the Crime Lords were the only power left. As head of ThiefCorp Granny stole many artefacts, keeping her collection in a museum. At some point before 2012 she hired Miss Ghost.

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory arrived in her museum in the middle of a burglary by Horatio Lynk, her star pupil. Amy was rescued, but Granny successfully captured the Doctor and Rory. She was planning to have them killed, but changed her mind when she realised they had a teleport device. She called the other Crime Lords, and forced the Doctor to take them onto the Ziggurat. Horatio and Amy soon arrived, to which Granny responded by trying to kill Lynk. Horatio tried to use the Star of Solitude, realising it to be the ignition key, and was attacked by the Doctor, who was convinced that the Ziggurat was a trap. Granny and the Crime Lords interrupted, demanding the star, but the Doctor tricked them into fighting over it. In the fight Granny killed Kell and K'rokk, becoming the last surviving Crime Lord. She took Amy hostage to get the Star. Horatio handed it over, but when Granny tried to use it it didn't work, as the Doctor had switched it with the fake used to steal it in the first place. He then destroyed the real star, triggering the self-destruct program of the Ziggurat. Determined to claim its riches for herself, Granny stayed on board, and perished in the explosion. (COMIC: The Cornucopia Caper)

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