Sol Transit System Corporation was the company responsible for the running of the Interstitial Mass Transit System that linked all the worlds of the Sol system in the first half of the 22nd century prior to Dalek invasion. Its logo was described as resembling a red double arrow.

STS most likely arose, whole or in part, from the Travel-Mat Corporation after that company's transmat network was dismantled as a result of events surrounding the Thousand Day War. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

Its central control facility was located inside Olympus Mons on Mars. Energy requirements for the transit system were often subcontracted to other companies such as Fusion Corp. Due to the critical nature of the transit system, the company's operation was overseen by a dedicated government Minister of the Union of Solar Republics. (PROSE: Transit)

Prominent STS Employees Edit

Chief Controller Edit

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During the 2110s, this position was held by a woman known as Ming the Merciless by her underlings. Following the Stunnel Incident, she was elevated to Director General with full control over the contracted KGB security force and a ministerial security clearance.

Special Maintainance Crew Edit

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A ragtag bunch of individuals, ranging from a war veteran to an escapee from the Stop, the oldest members worked for STS since its inception, spending over thirty years becoming, in the words of one superior "fucking invaluable".

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