Soarpath Junction was a junction station for spacecraft in the 26th century, located on the desert planet Looking-glass. It was that world's only settlement and was manned by one permanent administrator. Every six months it was the end-of-line return point for a packet clipper out of the Davian Systems, and every month it was visited by the regular express ship coming down the line from Vega and the Homeward Core. Soarpath was more interesting that most junction stations, for rather than being automatic, galvanised and impersonal, it was made to resemble an Old Earth train station by its administrator, Junction Master Haydnn.

Sym Costain, Misha Devlin and Goff spent six weeks at Soarpath waiting for the arrival of the Downline Express. They finally decided to depart in the space yacht Heliotrope Bouquet II. Shortly afterwards, Haydnn was killed and the junction was destroyed by Cybermen. (PROSE: Heliotrope Bouquet)

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