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So Vile a Sin was the fifty-sixth Virgin New Adventures novel in the series. However, due to writing and completion difficulties it was the last novel in the series featuring the Doctor to be published in May 1997. It was also the last novel in the series to feature Roz Forrester, depicting her death on a battlefield.

Publisher's summary[]

"If you step into history," said the Doctor, "I won't be able to protect you."

"This isn't history," said Roz. "This is family."

The Earth Empire — the Imperium Humanum, upon which a thousand suns never set — is dying.

The Great Houses of the Empire manoeuvre and scheme for advantage; alliances are made; and knives flash in the shadows. Out among the moons of Jupiter, another battle is just beginning, as an ancient brotherhood seeks limitless power and long-overdue revenge.

The Doctor returns to the thirtieth century, searching for the source of a terrifying weapon. He fears a nightmare from his own past may be about to destroy the future. Nothing must be allowed to get in his way.

But the Doctor has reckoned without the power of history — which has its own plans for the wayward daughter of the House of Forrester.


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  • In 2980, the Catherine the Great set off for Iphigenia.
  • The Imperial Palace on Io was built by the Fifth Baron in 2870.

The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor suffers a one sided heart attack, and has a vision of Death tormenting him about his coming demise.

Gallifreyan technology[]


  • Leabie's youngest daughter Thandiwe was actually a clone of Roz created shortly after she disappeared following the collapse of INITEC.
  • After killing Fenn Martle, Roz thought about becoming an acolyte at the Temple of the Goddess.
  • Roz is buried in the Umtata Reclamation Zone on a sunny day. She is buried next to her nephew and niece.
  • Chris listens to the Communards. He also listens to Sting, who he mentions went into politics and was assassinated in the 21st century. Prince went on to found a religion.




Psychic powers[]


  • The Temple of the Goddess is in the Odysseus Crater on Tethys.


  • The Quoth are a subatomic life form with the power to alter matter.
  • JayJaxians use shutterflies to interrogate telepaths.
  • Simon thinks that the Xenomorph resin used to decorate the flats is "very ugly and retro".



  • So Vile A Sin was to be written by Ben Aaronovitch. Due to various problems, Kate Orman assisted him in finishing it. However, it was still published late. The exact nature of the author's difficulties have never been fully clarified, with a hard drive failure and/or chronic writer's block being the two most widely reported at the time. As a result, although it occurs earlier in the continuity of the NA adventures, it was actually the last of the series to be published, being released after the NA's only Eighth Doctor novel, The Dying Days. This led to an unavoidable plot jump for readers, who went from the novel Damaged Goods to Bad Therapy only to discover the absence of Roz; they had to wait until the delayed publication of So Vile a Sin to find out what happened.
  • According to the acknowledgements on page 313 of So Vile A Sin: "Kate here. After Ben's troubles in writing So Vile A Sin, including a disastrous hard-drive crash, I stepped in at the last minute to finish it. Some of the book survived the crash, other bits existed as printouts, and Ben provided me with extensive plot and background notes to complete the bulk of the story."
  • FLORANCE and BAR B, from the novels Transit and SLEEPY respectively, are contacted by the Flying Dutchman, an electronic avatar of the Doctor.


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