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Snowbooks Ltd is an independent publishing company, primarily based in the United Kingdom. Set up in a spare room in Hackney, in April of 2003, Waterstones became their first and most supportive customers.

As of 2020, they have sold books in the tens of thousands, and they're the sister company to General Products Ltd. They became ever more prestigious as they and their books won many awards.

Their first DWU novel, Enter Wildthyme‎, was published in 2011, and it was written by Paul Magrs. It was the first Iris Wildthyme book not published by either Big Finish Productions or Obverse Books.

Snowbooks Ltd would go onto to publish four more DWU novels, including Fellowship of Ink, a spin-off from the Brenda and Effie Mysteries series.

In August, 2020, Snowbooks Ltd obtained the rights to reprint the first six Brenda and Effie novels (which were previously published by Headline Review), as well as the seventh installment in the series, A Game of Crones. [1]


Iris Wildthyme[]

Brenda and Effie Mysteries[]

  • Never the Bride
  • Something Borrowed
  • Conjugal Rites
  • Hell's Belles
  • The Bride that Time Forgot
  • Brenda and Effie Forever
  • A Game of Crones

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