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Snakedance was a novelisation based on the 1983 television serial Snakedance.

Publisher's summary[]

The TARDIS arrives on the planet Manussa - much to the Doctor's surprise, because Tegan has mysteriously set the co-ordinates.

But Tegan, once again a member of the TARDIS crew, is not her own boss. An unsuspecting medium for the sinister Mara, she enables the evil exile to return to his home planet.

On Manussa the ten-yearly celebration of the Mara's banishment is about to take place. Only the Doctor realises that this could in fact mark the spectacular revival of the reign of terror - but no one will heed his warning.

Chapter titles[]

  1. Nightmare
  2. Cave of the Snake
  3. Voice of the Mara
  4. Hall of Mirrors
  5. The Sign of the Mara
  6. Dinner with Ambril
  7. Dojjen's Journal
  8. The Origin of Evil
  9. Death Sentence
  10. The Escape
  11. Dojjen
  12. The Becoming of the Mara

Deviations from televised story[]

  • The Fortune Teller's name is given as Zara.
  • The Doctor explains that "Sumaran Empire" translates to "Empire of the Mara."
  • Scenes on life on Manussa and supporting characters is expanded upon.
  • The Doctor reflects on how no one listened to him until it was too late.
  • It is established that Nyssa remembers Tegan read out the co-ordinates for Manussa but keeps quiet to keep her out of trouble.
  • Some of the short scenes from the televised version are combined into longer scenes, such as Dugdale's first two scenes and the Doctor's first visit to Ambril.
  • Chela realises what the Doctor is saying about the Six Faces of Delusion after counting.
  • The novelisation includes some material that was scripted but not included such as Tanha meeting Chela while taking Nyssa to the cells, Lon reacting badly when Tanha almost sees his snake mark and Tanha and Ambril discussing the latter's lack of family.
  • The Doctor ushers Tegan and Nyssa out of the cavern at the end rather than give explanations.
  • There is no mention of Dugdale recovering.

Writing and publishing notes[]

  • This was the second Fifth Doctor serial novelisation to not use a photographic cover after The Five Doctors, although it still features a photo of Peter Davison.
  • Although number #83 in the Doctor Who library, the book was actually the 84th to be released. It was swapped in the publication order with the novelisation of Kinda late in the day, without the numbers being reassigned.

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British publication history[]

First publication:

  • Hardback
W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. UK
  • Paperback

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