Snaddon was the manager of King George III's royal menagerie.

In 1774, he told Mayakatula that he thought the War in Heaven was over for "all the old half-breeds" until she and Faction Paradox had arrived at the King's court. He remembered the first time that Faction Paradox had visited England. He understood that ritual was better than leg-irons, even though he thought that only he and Mayakatula still really understood that. He wished that she was able to understand him, since he thought she could help him with his problem. (COMIC: Political Animals)

By rights I should kill you. I know what it means, you being here. You. Faction Paradox. All the other leftovers. By rights I should kill Isobel too. Spare her the inevitable.Snaddon, talking to the uncomprehending Mayakatula [src]

Though he told Isobel to not give Mayakatula any bones, and he was careful to keep her in a circle of proof, Hogbatt gave Mayakatula a monkey leg, and she used the bone to give Snaddon a heart attack and escape. (COMIC: Political Animals) He quickly recovered, saying that he had faced worse during his time in Hispaniola. After Isobel asked him for some peacock bones, he laughed to himself, "I really should have killed her." (COMIC: Bêtes Noires & Dark Horses)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Snaddon's story would have continued in Creatures of Habit had the Faction Paradox comic series not been cancelled.
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