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Smokey was a Shan'tee from the planet Wupatki. He was in a symbiotic relationship with a human colonist named Allegra who suffered from syneasthesia, a condition which allowed her to better communicate with the Shan'tee, who were conceptual beings of pure sound. Together they founded the Presley Foundation, which created the immersion field, a device that allowed the humans to see the Shan'tee. This greatly improved communication between the two races and allowed Wupatki to thrive.

When the Tenth Doctor and Gabby Gonzales visited Wupatki, Smokey greeted them at the Presley Foundation and informed them that the Shan'tee were being infected with the Nocturne Virus, which mutated them into monstrous killing machines. While they were trying to figure out the infection's origin, a herd of bovodrines began rampaging through the city. The Doctor deduced the virus was transmitted through the broadcasts from a space radio station. When he travelled there, Smokey stayed behind but created a duplicate of himself to go with the Doctor to help him.

Once they arrived at the station, Smokey disabled the defenses and helped the Doctor stop the source of the virus. Back on Wupatki, he continued to assist the Presley Foundation and even defended Gabby when several humans became infected by the virus. When the Nocturnes were about to kill them, the Doctor returned and cured everyone of their infection. Smokey then gave Gabby a musical portrait of herself as a parting gift. (COMIC: The Singer Not the Song )

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