Smith and Jones was the first episode of series 3 of Doctor Who.

It introduced the Judoon, a new version of the sonic screwdriver, and more notably, it was the televised debut of companion Martha Jones and her family. It also firmly established that Harold Saxon was well-known to ordinary members of the British public, and obliquely suggested through set decoration that he was standing for the office of Prime Minister in 2008 — something which had been previously teased by the episodes Love & Monsters, Captain Jack Harkness and The Runaway Bride.

The soundtrack notably introduced several new leitmotifs — including the much-used "Martha's Theme" that also appeared in Jones' later Torchwood appearances. Furthermore, it featured the first extra-diegetic use of hip hop in Doctor Who history, in the form of Arrested Development's "Sunshine" to introduce Martha and her family at the very top of the episode. Due to a quirk of release scheduling, this was also the first time that Doctor Who served to premiere a song in the United States. "Sunshine" wasn't released in America until Halloween 2007, months after the US release of Smith and Jones.

A special screening of the episode was shown on 25 October 2019 as part of a Doctor Who theme night at Natural History Museum in Kensington as part of their after-hours series Lates.[2]

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Just when it seemed it would be yet another chaotic day managing her family's disputes, Martha Jones finds trouble waiting for her at work. Trapped on the Moon with space rhinos looking for a criminal and the air running out, she will have to come to trust a seemingly mad stranger calling himself "the Doctor". But can the Tenth Doctor save the day this time?

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While walking to work, medical student Martha Jones receives a series of phone calls from various members of her family, which includes her sister, her brother and her divorced parents. Each is calling about her brother Leo's 21st birthday party that evening. She is interrupted by a stranger who takes off his tie, smiles and says, "Like so, see?" and walks off. Bemused, Martha continues on. She arrives at the Royal Hope Hospital, bumping into a black-leather-clad motorcycle rider at the entrance, who doesn't bother to even apologise. Later, getting her lab coat from her locker, she receives an electric shock from the door.

The medical students, under the supervision of Dr Stoker, start their rounds with Florence Finnegan, who is diagnosed as being salt deficient, having had salad every day for the past week. The next patient they move onto is "John Smith", the Doctor, who is posing as a patient admitted with abdominal pain. Martha asks him why he was on Chancellor Street that morning, but he denies having been there. She wonders whether he might have a brother, but he answers, "Not anymore." Martha listens to his chest, finding his second heartbeat. He gives her a wink and she smiles back at him. Dr Stoker pushes Martha for an analysis of the patient and suggests it is always best to start with the patient's notes. As he picks up the clipboard, he receives an electric shock and Martha informs him of her own earlier shock. The other trainees all mention having similar incidents as well, but Dr Stoker mentions that it might be related to the incoming thunderstorms, continuing to ask who discovered static electricity. The Doctor correctly answers Benjamin Franklin, but goes on to ramble about how he was there and got electrocuted after being soaked from the rain. This prompts Dr Stoker to ask a nurse to recommend the Doctor for a psychiatric assessment.

Later, Martha is chatting with her sister Tish on the phone about meeting on Martha's lunch break to decide how to deal with their parents at the party. Martha mentions that it is raining outside, but her sister says the weather is beautiful where she is, just a few streets away. She turns the corner and sees the hospital in the middle of its own storm. Martha is dismissive until her co-worker, Julia Swales, and sister both tell her that the rain is going up instead of down. There is a tremor, and when Martha looks out, she realises that the hospital is on the Moon.

Back where the hospital was, there is nothing left of the building, not even the basement; all that remains is the broken pipes, which are spurting water. Tish looks on in horror, as the TARDIS stands nearby (cut off from the Doctor).

Many of the patients and staff are running around in a panic, but Dr Stoker looks out calmly, while Ms Finnegan searches for him. Martha appeals to the patients for calm as she and Julia head for a window which Martha intends to open, whilst the Doctor nips behind a curtain. Julia panics, telling Martha that if she opens the window all the air will be sucked out. Martha explains that cannot be true as the window is not airtight, so it would have happened already anyway. The Doctor, who has changed into a blue pinstripe suit, pulls back the curtain and tells Martha she's correct. They discuss why they can still breathe, and the Doctor is impressed with Martha's reasoning. He asks if they have any kind of balcony; Martha tells him they have one for patients to use. The Doctor invites her to go step out onto it with him, warning her they might die. Martha calmly replies that they might not, further winning the Doctor's approval. He then says Julia isn't coming as she'd slow them down; Julia breaks down, crying.

Going out on to the balcony, the Doctor asks Martha what she believes is going on. She firmly believes the situation is alien interference, noting that it would have sounded crazy a few years ago, but with the appearance of the Slitheen, Sycorax and Cybermen over the past two years, it's much more believable. Martha mentions that she had a cousin named Adeola, who worked at Canary Wharf; "she never came home." The Doctor tells Martha that he was there in the battle, and apologises for not being able to save her. However, Martha tells him that it's alright, focusing back on the matter at hand; she tells "Mr Smith" that if they travelled to the moon, there must be a way back. The Doctor tells her that's not his name, telling her his preferred title. Martha assumes he means "Doctor Smith", but he clarifies that he means just "the Doctor". However, Martha tells the Doctor she believes he needs to earn that title. Saying he'd better get working then, the Doctor tosses a stone that bounces off a force field.

Martha then realises that the air in the hospital is all the air they have; over a thousand people are inside, all those panicking people will use up all the air in no time. Why would anyone isolate them to the moon and leave them to suffocate? As Martha ponders this, the Doctor tells her she can ask them herself as huge cylindrical ships appear and land outside the hospital. Black armoured soldiers march out in several long lines, and the Doctor grimly identifies them as the Judoon.

Inside his office, Mr Stoker looks on. Florence enters, telling him she needs help. Mr Stoker says he does not believe he can help anyone and reflects on his plans to retire to Florida and how he believes he will never see his daughter again. Florence insists he can help her and is joined by the two motorcycle delivery men, who are known as Slabs. Florence explains, "There are great tests to come. And terrible deeds, some of them my own". She then explains she was salt deficient because she absorbs it well. However, she needs blood now, specifically his as she thinks it will be delicious. Telling the Slabs to hold Stoker, she takes out a bendy straw. Florence advances on him as he screams.


The Judoon begin cataloguing the hospital's inhabitants.

The Judoon Troopers enter the lobby and begin scanning people. Their leader removes his helmet, revealing a head like a rhinoceros, then issues orders in an alien language; the Judoon draw their guns. One of the trainee doctors, Oliver Morgenstern, attempts to speak for the humans, but the leader responds by shoving him against a wall and using a device in order to translate his own speech into English. He then scans Morgenstern, confirms him as human, and using a special marker, makes a black X on his hand. Hiding on a balcony with Martha, the Doctor says they are looking for non-humans — bad news for him, though he is also delighted to see a little shop. Martha does not believe that he is an alien. The Doctor tells her that Judoon are police-for-hire, and if they decide that the hospital is hiding a non-human criminal, every single person in the hospital could be sentenced to death as accomplices of the alien.

The Judoon continue upwards through the building, scanning each and every human. Morgenstern tries to keep the patients calm during the procedure, but a male patient panics and strikes a Judoon from behind with a vase, which merely shatters against the Judoon's armour. The Judoon captain quickly charges him with physical assault, declares him guilty, and sentences him to execution, all in under 20 seconds. The soldiers comply and shoot the man with energy weapons that completely incinerate him. As the shocked Morgenstern tells them they didn't have to do that, the commanding Judoon replies, "Justice is swift."

The Doctor attempts to get information from a computer but finds the Judoon were stupid enough to wipe the records that could have helped find their target. He explains to Martha he had no idea they were coming and he had only checked into the hospital because of the "plasma coils" — the H₂O scoop lightning — building up. The Doctor is annoyed with himself, realising he should have been looking for the source off-world instead of at the hospital. He asks her if she knows anyone who has checked into the hospital in the last week with unusual symptoms; she says Dr Stoker would know and heads to his office. When she arrives, Florence is still sucking his blood. Martha runs off but Florence orders one of the Slabs to kill her. The Doctor meets her, explaining he got the backup system working, but Martha says she found the alien. Confused, the Doctor immediately grabs her hand and runs when the Slab comes into view.

They run into a room with an X-ray machine. The Doctor seals the door with his sonic screwdriver and tells Martha to activate the machine when heels her to. The Slab breaks in and the Doctor scorches it with radiation. Though Martha is concerned about the Doctor's exposure to the radiation, he explains that for a Time Lord, roentgen radiation like that in x-rays is harmless. He tells her it's safe to leave the control room as he absorbed all the excess radiation; the Doctor says he just has to expel it. He farts and then when that doesn't work, starts frantically hopping on his right foot, while kicking with his left leg, the Doctor directs the radiation into his shoe; he discards it in a hazardous waste container. Martha, astonished, tells him he's mad, to which the Doctor replies that she is right. He then takes off the other shoe and discards that as well — "You're right. I'd look daft with one shoe".

Looking at the Slab, Martha wonders if it comes from another planet; the Doctor denies it, explaining it's a basic drone. Solid leather all the way through; "Someone has got one hell of a fetish." The Doctor goes to get his sonic screwdriver back from the X-ray machine as Martha takes a moment to process. Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor discovers the emitter portion has been destroyed; he moans in sorrow over losing his favourite toy. However, he tosses it away when Martha calls him "Doctor" for the first time. Martha tells the Doctor about Florence, making him wonder why she'd be having a snack now. He then realises she was drinking the blood to assimilate it and mimic human biology to trick the Judoon. He decides they need to find her before the Judoon can get a scan in; it's too late. Florence has passed their scanning.

The Doctor and Martha creep around to avoid the other Slab and she wonders if the Doctor has any backup. Annoyed, the Doctor complains as they move around the corner. However, they walk straight into the Judoon, who scan the Doctor; he registers non-human. Deciding no further evidence is needed, the Judoon begin trying to shoot the Doctor, but he escapes with Martha to a lower floor. They pass Julia, who is giving some extra oxygen to a patient from a tank. She confirms the oxygen levels are decreasing. The Doctor explains that Judoon will not be affected by the decreasing oxygen, as their lungs have big reserves; he and Martha are okay for now since they’re running on adrenaline.

They go back to Dr Stoker's office to find him drained of blood. The Doctor explains that Florence is a Plasmavore; she's hiding in the hospital "like Ronald Biggs in Rio". He then wonders why she would bother to pass as human when the Judoon could still kill them all. Heading outside, he reads the signs and figures out she's gone to the MRI; he notes that she is almost as clever as him. The Judoon come into the hall, declaring to kill the non-human. The Doctor tells Martha to give him time to find Florence, then kisses her and runs off, leaving a shocked Martha in his wake. The Judoon catch up with her and begin scanning her. They identify her as human, but with traces of non-human DNA from the kiss; more extensive scanning is ordered.

Meanwhile, the Doctor finds Florence tampering with an MRI device. He babbles a cover story, pretending to be another amazed human with no idea of what's happening. Florence orders her remaining Slab to hold the Doctor while she explains her plan. She plans on overloading the MRI to fry the brain-stems of every living thing within fifty thousand miles, while she remains shielded in the control room. The Doctor, knowing that's overkill just to kill the Judoon, babbles that the distance includes the Earth. Florence states that it will only affect the side facing the moon; "call it my little gift." The Doctor pretends to not know why, prompting Florence to reveal she's the alien the Judoon are after; once they're dead, she can steal one of their ships to make her escape.

The Doctor, continuing to play dumb, says that that must be why the Judoon are increasing the scans; Florence is taken aback, as she has already been catalogued. However, the Doctor says "big chief rhino" was increasing the scans to setting two. Florence panics, stating she must appear to be human again. The Doctor welcomes her to come home to meet the missus; they can have cake. Florence declines, telling him that what she is going to do to him will hurt, but the dead don't tend to remember. The Slab holds the Doctor's neck out for her.

Meanwhile, the Judoon have confirmed Martha is human, giving her a docket to claim compensation in the process and march to the MRI lab. Martha follows, arriving as the Judoon scans say the Doctor is dead. As Florence declares her humanity, Martha realises he sacrificed his life to save them. She scans Florence, who now registers as alien, having assimilated the Doctor's blood. The Judoon charge her with the murder of the Child Princess of Padrivole Regency 9. Florence proudly admits her guilt, claiming her victim had deserved it, then orders her Slab to attack the Judoon; they swiftly destroy it. Florence tells the Judoon to enjoy their victory, but they are going to burn with her.

The Judoon kill Florence and detect the problem with the MRI, but declare their duty fulfilled and swiftly withdraw, angering Martha as the entire situation is their fault in the first place. The oxygen is nearly depleted and the magnetic overload is approaching a critical state. Everyone in the hospital is starting to pass out, near the brink of death from oxygen starvation.

Frustrated, Martha tries to resuscitate the Doctor herself, eventually thinking to apply compression to both his hearts. He awakens and staggers over to the machine, reaching for his absent sonic before unplugging the machinery. Martha passes out and the Doctor picks her up, pleading for the Judoon to save them as they take off. It starts raining again and the hospital is transported back to Earth where Martha's sister is waiting. Martha watches the Doctor leave and sees him head toward a strange blue box, but while she is distracted by her sister both the Doctor and the box disappear.

At Leo's party, the family are arguing over Annalise, Martha's father's girlfriend, who mocks Martha's claims of having been to the moon and cites the publicly released cover story, which claimed everyone in the hospital had been drugged. The argument spills into the street, increasing in animosity as Martha's mother vents her resentment toward Annalise, and the whole family storms off, save for Martha, who spots the Doctor. He catches her eye, and she follows him around the corner, to see him standing before the blue box. She asks him what species he is, commenting that she doesn't get to ask that question very often. When he answers Time Lord, she quips that it's not pompous at all. He then offers her a trip to thank her for her help, but she tells him she does not have the time — she cannot go off into space with him, she has to go into town the following morning and pay bills. He informs her that his ship is also a time machine. She does not believe him. To her shock, the TARDIS dematerialises, then rematerialises; the Doctor steps out, looking exactly the same as that morning, still holding his tie in his hand. Martha gapes and sputters, then asks him why he didn't just tell her not to go into work when he saw her that morning. He explains, "Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden... except for cheap tricks."

The Doctor introduces the TARDIS. Martha says it'll be tight quarters, and he tells her to take a look inside. She cautiously enters the TARDIS and is amazed that it is bigger on the inside. She asks about crew; the Doctor says it's just him now, but sometimes he's had friends, and he talks about Rose, saying that they were "together" and that she is now "with her family". He says that Martha is not replacing Rose; he is just going to take her on one single trip to thank her for saving his life. She flirts with him, saying, "You're the one who kissed me." He assures her that it was a genetic transfer, and she explains that she is not remotely interested — she only goes for humans. He says, "Good." As he turns away, though, she looks sadly at the floor. The Doctor powers up the TARDIS. As the TARDIS flies through the time vortex it begins to shake violently, while the Doctor and Martha shake hands over the console. The Doctor says, "Welcome aboard, Miss Jones!", to which she replies, "It's my pleasure, Mr Smith!"

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Not every person who worked on this adventure was credited. The absence of a credit for a position doesn't necessarily mean the job wasn't required. The information above is based solely on observations of the actual end credits of the episodes as broadcast, and does not relay information from IMDB or other sources.

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The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor burns out his sonic screwdriver by overloading an x-ray machine.
  • The Doctor can absorb Roentgen radiation and channel it out of his body, and played with Roentgen cubes on Gallifrey.
  • The Doctor goes back in the past and removes his tie in front of Martha then returns to the present to demonstrate his ability to travel through time.
  • The Doctor uses the alias "John Smith" while posing as a patient admitted for severe abdominal pains.
  • The Doctor claimed to have owned a laser spanner, saying that it was stolen by Emmeline Pankhurst, a "cheeky woman."
  • Martha asks the Doctor if he has a brother. The Doctor replies, "No, not anymore. Just me."

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Culture Edit

  • Francine says the show Quizmania is too difficult for Annalise.

Harold Saxon arc Edit

  • Behind Martha in the alleyway are several "Vote Saxon" posters.
  • When Martha is listening to the radio after returning to Earth, the man on the radio can be heard saying "And it all just proves Mr Saxon right, we're not alone in the universe."

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Story notes Edit

  • Exclusive previews of the episode were also held in five venues across Wales. The Cardiff Bay Odeon, Swansea Odeon, Wrexham Odeon, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Pwllheli Neuadd Dwyfor all screened Smith And Jones on the morning of 31st March, hours before the television broadcast.
  • The title of this episode alludes to the last names of Martha and of the Doctor, using his usual alias of John Smith. In the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Eight Doctors, the Eighth Doctor's new assistant Sam Jones pointed out the same coincidence with their names. Martha's appearance in The End of Time saw her married to Mickey Smith — a relationship between "Smith and Jones"; in fact, Martha was called "Martha Smith-Jones" in the credits. "Smith and Jones" is alluded to again by the Eleventh Doctor in Death of the Doctor when referring to Sarah Jane Smith and Josephine Jones.
  • Swansea's Singleton Hospital was used to represent the hospital for location filming, although the scene in which the Judoon enter the hospital was actually filmed in nearby Swansea University's library. The university commemorates this annually during freshers week with a Dr Who display.
  • In the book Doctor Who: The Inside Story, a piece of concept art by Peter McKinstry shows a concept sketch of a "burnt out" sonic screwdriver. The book came out some time in advance of the airing of the episode.
  • The line "Judoon platoon upon the Moon" was written as something of a joke towards David Tennant. The Scottish accent, which is Tennant's natural one, makes it difficult to pronounce the sound/syllable "-oon" in an English accent.
  • A window cleaner cradle scene intended for use in this episode was reused for Partners in Crime.
  • Much like Rose's self-titled introductory story, most of the events of this episode are seen from Martha's point of view.
  • On the channel Watch, the execution of the person who attacked the Judoon with a vase was cut out from the episode.
  • The head of the hospital is called B. Stoker. This is a clear reference to Abraham "Bram" Stoker, the author of the iconic vampire novel Dracula. In this episode, the character is attacked by a creature with vampire-like qualities.
  • This is the first episode to use a companion's surname in the title.
  • This is the first story since TV: Rose to lack a pre-credits sequence.
  • Although this featured the first on-screen appearance of Martha, it was not the first story featuring the new companion to be released to the public; a month prior to broadcast, Martha made her debut in the novella PROSE: Made of Steel by Terrance Dicks, which was published as part of the Quick Reads initiative.

Myths Edit

  • Michelle Ryan was originally supposed to play the new companion who would debut in this story, but was hired to play the lead role in the Bionic Woman remake, leading to Freema Agyeman being cast instead despite already having appeared as Adeola Oshodi in Army of Ghosts. Agyeman was the only actress ever considered as the new companion for Series 3, and the role of Martha Jones was written specifically for her to play. Her casting was a result of Russell T Davies being extremely impressed with her work in Army of Ghosts, with Martha's being the new companion instead of Adeola simply a result of there not being enough time or money to refilm the prior story to have the latter survive.

Ratings Edit

  • 8.71 million viewers - BARB final ratings[3]
  • 8.2 million viewers - Overnight ratings
  • 1.00 million viewers - BBC3 Repeat ratings

Filming locations Edit

  • The scene in which Martha and the Doctor meet in the alley is next to the Market in Pontypridd, South Wales.
  • Several scenes of the hospital's reception and exit were filmed in Swansea University's Library and Information Centre.

Production errors Edit

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • In the ending scenes when Martha is looking inside and around the TARDIS, the door cuts from open to closed then back.
  • In the scene where Martha notices that the hospital is on the moon, when she says the line declaring this you can see that her head moves whilst talking, however the reflection in the window does not.

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Home video releases Edit


Series 3 Volume 1 DVD Cover

  • Smith and Jones, along with The Shakespeare Code and Gridlock, was released on DVD under the title Series 3: Volume 1.
  • It is also included in the Series 3 DVD box set.
  • The episode was also released as a single DVD with The Sun newspaper.
  • This episode was the focus of the Series 3 Volume 1 front cover.

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