Smart bombs was a term used by many different cultures to designate explosive devices that were intelligent or functioned in a more intelligent way than conventional explosives.

Camouflaged bombs Edit

These bombs could be disguised as mundane objects. Upon exploding, they only destroyed the target, leaving the nearby area undamaged. Josiah W. Dogbolter gave Elric Chandler a smart bomb in the form of a mazuma. He detonated it when he felt Chandler had reached the end of his profitability. (AUDIO: The Maltese Penguin)

Distronic-based missiles Edit

These bombs were actually short range missiles. They were packed with distronic explosives. They were the last surviving remnants of a war thousands of years ago. Both sides were wiped out in the conflict but the base remained and the missiles developed or evolved their own child-like personalities. They even had their own names (Fat Boy, Little Man, Whizz Bang, Sharkey and Big Brother who wasn't quite so smart).

An Arcadian representative tried to trick them into destroying Zlaow, but he was prevented from doing so by Tenth Doctor. The smart bombs were disappointed that they were not going to go to the Planet of Toys, but gained their freedom when a missile known as Big Brother (a long range nuclear missile) exploded and created a hole in the silo base roof. (COMIC: Smart Bombs)

Nitro-9 smart bombs Edit

Ace invented Nitro-9-based smart bombs during her time in Spacefleet. They were more like drones than actual bombs, able to fly and take verbal commands from Ace. She used one such bomb as a projectile weapon to kill a pack of feral dogs on a Silurian-controlled alternate Earth, ordering it to fly through each dog's skull without exploding. (PROSE: Blood Heat)

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