The thirty-second instalment of Doctor Who Extra, Slipknot on Tour, also known as Corey Taylor on Set, was attached to the fourth episode of ninth series, Before the Flood. It was released on the official BBC YouTube channel.

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  • Taylor explains the origins of his heavy metal guttural scream and demonstrates it several times, including opening the episode of Extra.
  • Taylor mentions his long history as a fanboy of Doctor Who, saying Tom Baker was his Doctor (as in the one he grew up with) and that he passed his enjoyment of Doctor Who on to his son, whose Doctor was Matt Smith.
  • Taylor is given a tour of the TARDIS control room set, where he makes note of the "round things" and bookshelves and enjoys fiddling with the console buttons and the TARDIS telephone.
  • Corey's session in the recording booth is shown. He is notes that his roar would probably be blended with several other sound effects to produce the roar of the Fisher King and make it become inhuman, which does happen and is demonstrated in sample clips of his roar in the finished production.

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