Slipback was a novelisation based on the 1985 radio drama Slipback. It was the first novelisation of a Doctor Who story that had not been produced for television.

Publisher's summary Edit

The TARDIS materialises on board the Vipod Mor, a galactic survey ship captained by the repulsive Orlous Moston Slarn.

Things are not going too well on board the spacecraft: a mysterious killer stalks the ship's infrastructure; a junior officer, whose body is four years older than his brain, commands its bridge; the craft's computer seems to be developing its own distinctive personality; and Slarn threatens to vent his vindictive anger on his crew.

Soon the Doctor and Peri stumble upon a shocking secret, a secret upon which depends the fate of the entire Universe...

The novelisation of the Radio 4 Doctor Who story.

Deviations from broadcast story Edit

  • The first 50 pages of the novel do not feature the Doctor or Peri and do not adapt the radio play; instead they provide backstory on the characters and circumstances encountered by the Doctor later.
  • In the radio play, when the Doctor tells Peri he's about to recite his favourite sonnet, "Ode to a Flashist Mud Scavenger", Peri replies that this inspiring title "brings tears to my ears"! This is changed to "eyes" in the novelisation even though "ears" was correct given that Peri was hearing, not reading, the poem.
  • The steward, named as Vesper, kills Slarn before he can release his virus, then incinerates both of them to destroy the infection.
  • The computer's external personality orders the crew to evacuate the ship before sending it back in time.

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First Publication:

  • Hardback
W.H.Allen & Co. Ltd. UK
  • Paperback



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