The Slave of the Hond (PROSE: The Restoration Empire) was a being from another dimension whom the Daleks referred to simply as the Entity. It was unleashed by the Archivians, and agreed to transport the people of Islos and the contents of the Archive to safety in return for the Daleks. The Chief Archivian let it through a portal as the Daleks were entering the Archive. (WC: The Archive of Islos)

It forced the Daleks to retreat from Islos and followed them back to Skaro. It began attacking the Dalek City, forcing the Daleks to evacuate the planet after finding their weapons were ineffective.

The Entity followed the Dalek Prime Strategist as he sought reinforcements from the Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy and used its abilities from existing outside to time to take over the Sentinel prior to the Strategist's arrival. The Strategist dismissed the Sentinel's odd behaviour, such as referring to him as the Emperor, as defective programming and allowed it to awaken the dormant army and update the battle computer. The Entity took over the army, reprogramming the Daleks to recognise the Strategist as the Emperor. Through the Sentinel, it revealed to the Strategist that, whilst it was seeking to eliminate the Daleks, it would settle for changing the leader. The Strategist refused and accelerated the self-destruct of the facility, destroying some of the army and a part of the Entity with them. Some of the Entity’s army escaped and pursued the Strategist, engaging Dalek forces under the command of the Executioner. (WC: The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy)

The Prime Strategist then plotted to use the threat the Entity posed to the Empire to their advantage. Understanding that the Mechonoid Empire was also a threat, he plotted to play both against each other, while also making the universe think the Entity had all but destroyed the Dalek Empire. Thus, when the Entity was defeated, the Daleks would be able to overwhelm the then weakened Mechonoids. To bring about this plan, the Strategist (WC: Day of Reckoning) and the Emperor of the Restoration deliberately led the Entity to Mechanus (WC: Planet of the Mechanoids) to force the Mechanoids to help the Daleks against it. When it arrived, a part of it took over a Mechanoid and issued an ultimatum, demanding the Emperor be surrendered. Mechanoid 2150 and the Strategist exploited this to identify energies unique to the Entity and managed to create a portal to send that part of the Entity back to its original dimension. The Entity attacked the City in full, breaking through the Mechanoids' shield, and began striking the Emperor after the Mechanoid Queen had left him out in the open. The Strategist and Mechanoid 2150 used Mechanus' orbital array to target the entire Entity with a portal, removing it from the universe. (WC: The Deadly Ally)

The Entity reappeared when 2150 and the Strategist reopened a portal to its dimension over Skaro during the Mechanoid-Dalek battle. The Strategist then betrayed the Mechanoids and sent their invading army through the portal and then closed it again. The Entity briefly possessed a ruined Mechanoid to tease the Emperor and Strategist about a coming threat. (WC: Day of Reckoning) At some point later, the Emperor learned that the Entity was the slave of the Hond species, a race that had died out in the Dark Times, but had now returned to the universe. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire) The Hond were the threat the Entity had spoken of. (COMIC: Defender of the Daleks; WC: Day of Reckoning)

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