Slann was a Time Lord who served as Lord Chancellor under Pundat the Third, and later as Lord President. As part of Pundat's High Council, he was responsible for the harsh retribution served on the students who attempted to overthrow Pundat. Pundat named him as his successor as Lord President. The Master later described Slann as "Pundat's most evil disciple".

During Slann's reign as Lord President, survivors of the previous purge attempted to recruit the Doctor to their cause. Although the Doctor did not join them, the conversation was overheard and reported to Slann. Since the Doctor was innocent but highly regarded, he escaped the ensuing reprisals, but his memory was altered to remove his knowledge of the students' plot. Dismayed at the bloody purges that followed, the Doctor decided to leave Gallifrey — unknowingly taking the Lady Larn, a descendant of Rassilon who would have been used by the student rebels as a figurehead, with him.

Shortly after the Doctor's departure from Gallifrey, Lord President Slann was assassinated by the Master, who had been behind the earlier coup attempts. (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade)

Romana II mentioned Slann as a former Time Lord president as a piece of "pointless Time Lord trivia". (AUDIO: Babblesphere)

According to a conflicting account, President Pandad VII ordered Irving Braxiatel, then Lord Burner, to burn "an old man" and "his granddaughter" from history. He disobeyed this order and the intended victims stole a TARDIS and fled Gallifrey. The very same day, President Pandad died when a power relay in his office overloaded; an inquiry headed by Braxiatel found that this was an accident. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

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