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A sky was the visible part of a planet's atmosphere.

By planet[]


In 2009, Earth was one of 27 planets which were transported to the Medusa Cascade by the New Dalek Empire before being returned by the Children of Time. During this brief period, the other 26 planets were visible in the sky. (TV: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End) The next year, however, Amy Pond failed to remember this sight, (TV: Victory of the Daleks) which the Eleventh Doctor later attributed to cracks in time which erased the memory of events. (TV: Flesh and Stone)


On Susan Foreman's home planet, the skies were burnt orange at night. (TV: The Sensorites, PROSE: The Sensorites) The Tenth Doctor later mentioned that Gallifrey's skies was orange. (TV: Gridlock)

The sky of Quinnis was copper-coloured. (AUDIO: Quinnis)

The sky of an Earth-like planet was green, (PROSE: The Sour Note) as was the sky of Arcopolis. (PROSE: The Eyeless)

The sky of an Earth-like planet was purple, (PROSE: Follow the Phantoms) as was that of Lonsis. (AUDIO: Human Resources)

Other references[]

By the year 5,000,000,000, mankind was said to have "touched every star in the sky." (TV: The End of the World)