Overseer Skellen was the Chief Robotics Officer at the Kaldor City Company.

Biography Edit

Early career Edit

Skellen worked on the prototype for a range of Super-Vocs,(AUDIO: The Robots of Life) developed to act as bereavement counsellors. (AUDIO: Love Me Not) Tula Chenka's voice was used for them as they found it soothing. However, the counselling did not work out as the empathy chips conflicted with some of the other circuits, which he considered a shame. He also wrote the protocol for the robots to make tea.

Jasdar Crick, Chief Robotics Officer and wife of Roboanalyst Volar Crick told Skellen of her unhappy marriage and the two began an affair. After Jasdar died, Skellen attended the funeral and gave Crick a bottle of cheap wine that had been on offer. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

As Chief Robotics Officer Edit

A week after Liv Chenka's return to Kaldor, Overseer Skellen became Tula Chenka's boss upon becoming Chief Robotics Officer, succeeding Jasdar. He asked her about the Vissey project and later found her using his access code to look into the Company's recording of dead people's memories, prompting him to give her a permanent warning for misconduct on her record rather than let her go. Arak Varren later met with Skellen to tender his resignation, which Skellen accepted. However, he refused Liv's request to tell the deceased's families that Varren's negligence had killed them. He later took SV57 and, blackmailed with a recording of SV57 by Liv, he removed Tula's warning. (AUDIO: The Robots of Life)

Skellen sent SV39 to Roboanalyst Volar Crick as he felt guilty due to his affair with his wife. Upon Crick's return, Skellen had him check over and analyse SV57, believing that he was the only one that could do it. Tula called him to inquire about the Super-Voc as she suspected that it had been a bereavement counsellor and he later told the Chenkas not to look into Crick. However, the Chenkas lured him to Crick's house under false pretences where they found that SV39 believed itself to be Jasdar. Skellen handed it over to Lish Toos. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

Personality Edit

Skellen was inflexible. He joked that he could talk for Kaldor. He considered himself to be a reasonable boss most of the time, encouraging Dress-Down Fridays and bringing in pastries for birthdays. (AUDIO: The Robots of Life) Tula found him to be rather cold and Liv joked that he was like a robot. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

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