Skateboarding was a sport, popular amongst teenagers, in which the participant rode on a skateboard, often on a ramp, and, for the more advanced of skateboarders, played tricks. When Luke Smith asked Clyde Langer its purpose, Clyde replied, "It's skateboarding, it's fun. It just is."

When Clyde tried and failed to ollie, Alan Jackson gave him some tips, having been named King of the Concrete in his youth. Clyde, considering skateboarding to be a sport exclusively for children his age, and exclaimed, "But you're old!" when Alan played a few tricks himself. Alan's skateboarding skills proved useful when he knocked over the Graske Krislok with his board, and captured him. (TV: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

Even Luke had a go at skateboarding that day, and Clyde saw he was horrible at this. He told Maria he had "no sense of balance at all". He later used this as proof that Heidi and Jay Stafford could not possibly be Luke's real parents — Heidi claimed they gave him a skateboard for his birthday. (TV: The Lost Boy)

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