The vast majority of Sixth Doctor comic stories were published in Doctor Who Magazine in the mid-1980s and began on the heels of the transmission of The Twin Dilemma.

The Sixth Doctor's comic book history has unique aspects. He is the only Doctor to star in a series of Doctor Who but not to appear in a comic strip in a Doctor Who annual. He is also the only Doctor to be featured in "incentive comic books" given away with the purchase of food, the first Doctor to be the subject of an original graphic novel and the only Doctor to have comics written by the actor who portrayed him.

DWM launched the Sixth Doctor's comic strip adventures with the Doctor travelling on his own. His first story introduced a new companion, Frobisher — the shape-changing Whifferdill who often assumed the form of a penguin. Image rights were later obtained for Nicola Bryant, which allowed Peri to become the first humanoid televised companion regularly used in the pages of DWM. The writers even went to the trouble of trying to explain her earlier absence. Apparently, she took time away from the TARDIS to explore New York City. Since she remained the companion up to the final story of the regular run, the 1980s Sixth Doctor comics all happened somewhere between The Twin Dilemma and Mindwarp.

Because the Sixth Doctor's era began at the end of season 21, and the Seventh Doctor's DWM start was delayed by Grant Morrison's epic death-of-Jamie McCrimmon story line, the Sixth Doctor's regular era in DWM comics contains significantly more stories than his televised run. Moreover, he has a few additional stories which were published after Colin Baker was no longer incumbent in the role.

Nevertheless, the Sixth Doctor has one of the briefer comic canons of all the Doctors, with only the Fifth Doctor and Ninth Doctor appearing in fewer total comic stories.

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Travelling with Frobisher
Travelling with Peri Brown and Frobisher
Guest appearances of the Sixth Doctor

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  • The Doctor Who Marvel Adventure Comic was a series of six mini-issues given away with the purchase of Golden Wonder bread. The monochromatic pamphlet contained somewhat edited versions of a few stories that had already appeared in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. They cause some complications for people truly obsessed about canon, as there are some significant changes to some of the stories. For instance, Peri is completely removed from the DWMAC version of one of the stories.

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  • Dead Man's Hand (DW12 15 featuring Matrix projections of the first eleven Doctors and the War Doctor)

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