The Sioux were a Native American people. The Lakota Sioux were part of the Sioux Nation. Whilst Nathaniel Whitlock lived in the United States, he spent most of 1905 with the Sioux. A member of the tribe, Silver Crow, went back to Suffolk with Whitlock and became his servant. (AUDIO: Moonflesh)

The Caddo name for the Sioux was Tsaba'kosh, meaning "cut-throats". As Belial discovered, this was a misnomer. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Well, there's another cherished assumption squashed all to hell. Seems the gesture for beheading is the same as the gesture for the necklaces the Sioux make and trade with the Caddo for bags of pumpkin seeds. Have seen no evidence of the practice of beheading at all. Pumpkin seeds roasted over a camp fire are delicious.From Cousin Belial's travel journal [src]

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