Simon Power is composer & sound designer for the BBC's Classic Novelisation range of Doctor Who audiobooks. These recordings are unabridged readings of the popular 1970's paperback novels released under the Target imprint. Power's original compositions, spot FX and sound beds accompany narrative by actors who are closely associated with the television serial.

"The music & FX work well because they are so precise in their dubbing." - Barry Letts on the sound design for the BBC audiobook, Doctor Who & The Daemons.

Power's unique style of sound design transforms the readings to give the illusion of a full cast of characters.

On his meonsound website, Power has described this process as "...The audio equivalent of a graphic novel...Enhancing the narrative with a dramatic backdrop of sound... While maintaining deference to the original story.”

"Whether it's atmospheric treatment to voices...The gulp of a soldier rehydrating himself...The lethel laser rifle blast...To the gentle womb-like hum of the TARDIS console room... MEON SOUND has once again excelled in recreating the seemingly impossible..." - From a review of Doctor Who: Earthshock by Doctor Who website eyeofhorus.

The titles that include Simon Power's sound enhancement have been released regularly since 2004 under BBC Audiobooks and more recently as BBC Audio's AudioGo imprint.

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