Simon Kyle was a friend of Bernice Summerfield and her first lover.

By sixteen, Bernice had run away from Spacefleet Academy and was living in the nearby woods. Benny was not alone in the woods; Simon had built a shelter for his illicitly reconstituted Galapagos tortoises. (PROSE: Love and War, Return of the Living Dad)

Benny once consulted him when a future version of Benny appeared in the academy. When this Benny accidentally slipped that he betrayed her, he told her that he was deliberately making sure the the patrols was missing her. This made Simon suspicious of the young Benny. He told Benny that the principal was cracking down undesirable parts of the academy. (AUDIO: Ever After Happy)

He became her first lover. but betrayed her to the Academy when they were discovered by a patrol. (PROSE: Love and War, Return of the Living Dad)

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