Simmons was a the leading field researcher and technician in the employ of Henry van Statten in 2012.

Simmons tortured the Dalek (which van Statten had named the "Metaltron") while van Statten attempted to discover what it was. As a former ex-security chief, Simmons apparently enjoyed his job and appeared to be cold-blooded and sadistic.

After the Dalek used Rose Tyler's DNA to regenerate itself, Simmons confronted the creature, which raised its plunger-shaped manipulator arm threateningly. Ignorant of the mortal danger he was in, he arrogantly mocked it with the words, "Whatcha gonna do, sucker me to death?" In response, the Dalek did just that by clamping its sucker onto his face, with the pressure suffocating him and even crushing his skull. He screamed in pain and terror as he died. (TV: Dalek)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The character was named after Kai Simmons, the actor who played the corresponding role of Dalek torturer Lamb in Jubilee, the audio story that the television episode Dalek was based on.
  • In the online game The Last Dalek, which presents an alternate version of the events of Dalek, Simmons does not appear, but he has an entry in the Dalek's memory files. He is described as; "Male subject. Age 30. American. Leading field researcher conducting experiments in Van Statten's laboratory. Heartless and sadistic. Must exterminate!"
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