The Mirror version of the Silversmith, who had adopted the name of the Silversmith and was nicknamed the Mirror Silversmith by the Eighth Doctor, was the first of the sentient Mirror Folk who came to populate Mirror Edinburgh in the 19th century.

History[edit | edit source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

The mirror version of the Silversmith was created when the Victorian magician known as the Silversmith, having crafted a set of mirrors , accidentally stepped into a pocket of unreality created by some unknown fracture in Time, portals to which had manifested on the surface of the mirrors, thanks to Spherion crystals which existed inside the pocket-world. The chaotic energy of this bubble dimension led to his mirror image becoming a sentient reflection, as, in time, would all the reflections of whatever sentient beings passed by the Silversmith's mirrors.

Feeling a kinship with the other sentient reflections, the Mirror Silversmith overpowered his original, clasped him in irons and escaped into the real world in his place (specifically, in the city of Edinburgh). So long as the original Silversmith remained trapped inside the bubble dimension, the Silversmith was free to wander in and out of the real world, and, unlike the original, would never age. (COMIC: The Silvering)

Building the Mirror Edinburgh[edit | edit source]

The Mirror Silversmith then stole the real Silversmith's identity, and performed magic shows in his stead as a front for building an entire race of Reflections. Showing off two of the Silversmith's Mirrors, he would invite curious members of his audience to walk into one of the them, showing off how they would walk out of the other as if having teleported (an unthinkable feat for the era).

In truth, however, whoever walked into the Mirror was captured and jailed while it was the Reflection who walked out through the other looking glass. Their psychic energy was subsequently harvested via the Spherion crystals to reliably power the portals as well as sustain and stabilize an entire mirror city inside the bubble dimension for the Mirror Folk to inhabit. The Mirror Silversmith also created a personal armed force out of Widowed Reflections, the misshapen half-beings who came to existence when only part of someone's body was reflected into the Mirrors. (COMIC: The Silvering)

Fighting the Doctor[edit | edit source]

After the Eighth Doctor and his companion Josie Day witnessed Agnes's stepping into the Mirror, and the strange behavior of the Agnes who came out, they grew suspicious and investigated the mirrors after the theater had closed. Just after the Doctor realized the Mirrors' true nature, they were confronted by the Mirror Silversmith, who proudly explained his scheme to them before having his army of Widowed Reflections capture them and bring them into Mirror Edinburgh as more human fuel.

The Doctor and Josie quickly escaped, also freeing the other human prisoners and unmaking their corresponding Mirror Folk. When the Doctor carried the nearly-dead body of the original Silversmith back into the normal world, the Mirror Silversmith was sucked back into the bubble dimension, which, with nothing to power it, had collapsed to just the space of one of the looking glasses. Before he could find a way to escape, the Eighth Doctor then used his sonic screwdriver to shatter the mirror, killing the Mirror Silversmith. (COMIC: The Silvering)

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