Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer (left) at Bonjaxx's party. (COMIC: Party Animals)

The Silver Surfer once attended Bonjaxx's birthday party at Maruthea. (COMIC: Party Animals, The Incomplete Death's Head)


Grant had a poster of the Silver Surfer in his childhood bedroom. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

A cosplayer dressed as the Silver Surfer at San Diego Comic-Con. (COMIC: Selfie)

Natalie described the Twelfth Doctor as being like the Silver Surfer when they were "surfing on the edge of reality". (COMIC: The Fourth Wall)

Behind the scenes[]

Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood cosplayers (COMIC: Selfie)

Dan Slott's 2014 run on Silver Surfer was explicitly inspired by Doctor Who, including giving the Silver Surfer a companion named Dawn Greenwood:

[W]hen Tom Brevoort and I first talked about doing the Surfer book, we both approached it from the same angle. We both said, "Wouldn't it be neat if you did a soft reboot the same way Russell T Davies did a soft reboot of 'Doctor Who?'" All the past continuity stands, but here's a nice new way to look at it. The basic element we wanted to "borrow" -- STEAL! [Laughs] was giving the Surfer a human companion; someone that grounded him, because for the most part you look at Surfer and he's this Shakespearean-spouting guy from the top of a bowling trophy. It's hard to literally get under his silver skin. Giving him a human companion though, a character who's eye-level to the reader, grounds him. As much as this book is about exploring the universe, it's also about exploring the Surfer's humanity.[1]

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