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Silver Screenesis was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2015.


The Doctor takes Clara to the ultimate cinema!


The Doctor shows off Cinema Paradoxo to an astonished Clara, explaining that every movie that has ever existed or will is playing forever.

Clara attempts to ask for her choice of film, but is flatly declined by the Doctor since he has chosen their film. She points out that their tickets were for yesterday, but the Doctor explains that the adverts play in loops as well, and take a day roughly.

The Doctor tells Clara to keep quiet about the snacks they have hidden in their clothes as they will be de-atomised if they are found out. He goes on to explain he chose a "silent" film, hoping it's okay. Clara explains that she looks for dubbed films and the like on her own to broaden her horizons.

However, the moment the film begins, both are zoned out as they look at the screen. On the screen is a classic bad guy tying a damsel in distress to train tracks, but both are played by Silents.

The Doctor and Clara emerged from the theatre later, with tally marks over their faces. With a blank expression Clara tells the Doctor, "For the life of me, I can't tell you what the movie was about."



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  • The Doctor and Clara have tally marks on their faces after seeing the film. (TV: Day of the Moon)