Silver Scream was the first story of a connected arc that extended through Doctor Who (2009). It introduced the characters of Matthew Finnegan and Emily Winter, who would later join the Doctor as companions. Important to the overall story arc in this series, the Doctor saved Winter's life, even though her death was a fixed point in time. This act led directly to his trial by the Shadow Proclamation in Fugitive.

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The Doctor arrives in 1920's Hollywood and uncovers a conspiracy.

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Part one[edit | edit source]

In Hollywood 1926, the Doctor is at a celebrity party under the guise of many celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. Kato, the butler, interrupts him by introducing him to filmmaker Archie Maplin. After speaking to Archie, the Doctor also meets young actress Emily Winter and then Matthew Finnegan, a runner at the United Actors' studio. Eventually, the Doctor notices a man called Maximilian Love walk in. The Doctor tries to talk to him, but his assistant, Mr Leo Miller, bars him. Undeterred, the Doctor makes an appointment with Maximilian.

The next day the Doctor meets Archie, who talks with him and reveals that the film studio is in the middle of a Chronal Template. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, he is being watched by Maximilian and Leo, who note he is not human - nor Terronite, like them. They then hear someone enter the reception room, who turns out to be Emily. Leo takes her in the room, only to find Maximilian strapped down. Emily is then restrained by Leo and starts to scream.

Meanwhile, Matthew is spying on Miller's studio. He tells the Doctor that he does not trust Leo, saying that he turned up here only six months ago. They audtioned for actors and only 10% got through. The other 90% all went home destined never to act again. As Emily walks out of the studio, Matthew asks her if she got the part. She says she never did, and does not remember anything about it. The Doctor notes that she is dazed, and finds out that the part of the brain that gives optimism has been altered chemically, thereby removing it. Archie comes up to them and says to the Doctor that Leo gave him a lot of money in the hopes that Maximilian would get lots of fame. The Doctor notes something is going on, goes to intervene, and Archie comes with him. The Doctor enters Leo's lab and finds the transference machine, which had been causing all the actors to lose their minds. The Doctor discovers that the Terronites stole the machine. Leo points his gun at the Doctor, Archie raises his stick, but is shot by Leo. The Doctor thinks he is dead, but Leo tells him he is merely stunned. He then aims his gun at the Doctor.

At that moment, Emily and Matthew step outside and spy the Doctor being held at gun point by Leo and Maximilian, and watch them get into a car. Emily picks up an axe and they both get in another car. They follow them to a railway line, the Doctor is shot and tied down, forced to watch as a train comes towards him.

Part two[edit | edit source]

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  • Silver Scream was originally intended to include Charlie Chaplin. However, it was found out late that there were rights problems in using the likeness of Chaplin's bowler hat-wearing character the Tramp, so he was replaced with a character named Archie Maplin. (DWM 528) The story does contain a veiled reference to Chaplin.
  • This story was reprinted in the trade paperback Fugitive.

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