Silver Nemesis was a novelisation based on the 1988 television serial Silver Nemesis.

This adaptation of the twenty-fifth anniversary Doctor Who story has the distinction of being the final novelisation to be published during the run of the original series.

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1989 edition Edit

Launched into space 350 years ago, a meteor is returning to Earth – and inside it waits Nemesis, a silver statue made of the living metal validium, the most dangerous substance in the Universe.

Evil powers await the statue's return: the neo-nazis de Flores and his stormtroopers; Lady Peinforte, who saw Nemesis exiled in 1638 and has propelled herself forward in time; and the advance party of a Cyberman invasion force.

And in the garden of a Windsor pub, the Doctor and Ace are enjoying the timeless sounds of a jazz quartet ...

This story celebrates 25 years of Doctor Who on television.

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Writing and publishing notes Edit

  • The swastika symbol was far more visable in Alister Pearson's original cover design before being scaled down and given less prominence in the final cover.
  • Dedication: “For D H F Somerset with all my gratitude”

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British publication history Edit

First Publication: Paperback (November 1989)

  • Target / W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. One single paperback edition, (estimated print run: 22,000) priced £1.99 (UK.

Re-issues: (September 1993)

  • Target / Virgin Publishing. One single paperback edition, priced £3.50 (UK)featuring a new cover by Alistair Pearson.

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