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Silver Jubilee was an anthology published independently by Paul Magrs to commemorate his twenty-fifth year in writing.

Most of the featured stories appeared to not use any license related to Doctor Who, with the exception being a reprint of Imaginary Boys, an prose adaptation of the audio story of the same name, originally published in another anthology, Wilde Stories 2016.

Publisher's summary[]

It’s twenty-five years since I published my first short story, and my first novel! And what a fascinating and bumpy and amazing ride it’s been since then..! I’ve tried my utmost to be the very best Queer Northern Magical Realist that you could ever imagine! So… as a kind of jamboree to celebrate this milestone, I have put together a volume of stories. Some are old, some are obscure, some are completely brand new! I hope you’ll enjoy them and go off and explore all the other things I’ve done over the years. Collect everything! Buy the lot! Have a ball! Take care, everyone. Lots of love! Pxxx


# Story Featuring
1 Imaginary Boys David Taylor, Mam, Brian
2 The Middle of Nowhere
3 Catskin
4 TV Writer
5 All the Lady Writers of the Grange-Over-Sands Hotel Workshop
6 Companion Piece
7 Sit Down Next to Me
8 The Girl in the Pink Coat
9 The Wizard of Arncliffe Place
10 Understanding
11 Thistle Street, 1995


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