A Silurian went into hibernation beneath Wenley Moor. He awoke in the 20th century.

While in the caves, he was shot and wounded by Major Baker. The dazed Silurian went onto the surface and wandered the moors, eventually finding shelter in a barn in Squire's farm. When Squire found him in the hay, the Silurian attacked him, causing Squire to die of fear. The Silurian then went into hiding in the barn and escaped onto the moors again after attacking Liz Shaw.

Eventually John Quinn found him using his summoning device and took the Silurian back to his cottage. He locked it in his cellar, intending to hold it captive and force the Silurian to give him his species' scientific knowledge. However, he escaped and killed Quinn. He was still in the cottage when the Third Doctor arrived and discovered Quinn's corpse. The Doctor's attempts to communicate with him were ruined when an approaching car caused the Silurian to flee the cottage. (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians)

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