The Silent Pool was a lake near Guildford in Surrey, a short drive from Eddison Manor. On 8 December, 1926, Agatha Christie, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble drowned the Vespiform Reverend Arnold Golightly in this lake.

The next day, Agatha's car was found by the side of the lake by local residents. Surrey Constabulary searched the lake and shore for clues of Christie's whereabouts.

A local from Chilworth, one of the first to find the car before police were called, told the The Daily Courier that at first they thought it had been stolen and dumped near the lake. When told it belonged to Agatha Christie they said they'd never have believed it. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

Behind the scenes Edit

The name of the lake is not mentioned in-story, but its name is on a sign.

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