Silenced was a full cast audio anthology released on 23 November 2016 by Big Finish Productions, and the third release of UNIT: The New Series.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Decades after their defeat by the Eleventh Doctor, the Silence prepare to rise against humanity....

1. House of Silents

There is no record of the presence of an alien species known as 'The Silents' on Earth. UNIT has never engaged hostiles capable of editing themselves from observers' memories.

There is no evidence that such an opponent, if real, is regrouping and beginning a new plan of infiltration and manipulation.

Kate Stewart and her team are in no mortal danger. How can they be, when they don't even know the enemy exists?

2. Square One

It's business as usual at UNIT, and thankfully, Kate Stewart has no immediate threats to concern her. Or so she believes.

But when Sam Bishop returns from leave, he notices things aren't quite as they seem. Soon he and Osgood are on the trail of an elusive enemy.

Meanwhile, Kenneth LeBlanc and his controversial political movement gather momentum, and one UNIT team member isn't quite themselves...

3. Silent Majority

Kenneth LeBlanc looks set to lead his party to national victory, overturning political opinion and taking the polls by storm. UNIT can only stand and watch as a silent revolution takes place.

But who are LeBlanc's real backers? And what use to them is the triumph of a leader who seems to be nothing more than a liability?

The Silents are about to make the headlines.

4. In Memory Alone

When Sam Bishop and Osgood visit an orbiting space station for a routine mission, they have no idea that they are part of an alien scheme, years in the planning.

As the global situation spins out of control, Kate seeks help from an unlikely source.

The Silents are not done with humanity yet – and they will have their revenge.

Stories[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
3.1 House of Silents Matt Fitton Ken Bentley Kate, Osgood, Josh, Shindi, Kenneth LeBlanc, The Silence 23 November 2016 BFPUNS03
3.2 Square One John Dorney Kate, Osgood, Sam, Josh, Kenneth LeBlanc, The Silence
3.3 Silent Majority
3.4 In Memory Alone Matt Fitton Kate, Osgood, Sam, Josh, Shindi, The Silence

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