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Side-step or Side-step (audio series) because it is not a story

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A "side-step" was the term used on the spine of four early Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories to denote that they explicitly take place in the continuity of the Virgin New Adventures or Doctor Who Magazine comics.

Later Big Finish stories building on existing continuities (The Company of Friends, The Eternal Summer, The Comic Strip Adaptations) would not be given the "side-step" tag line.

Stories Edit

# Title Featuring Released Tag line
13 The Shadow of the Scourge Seventh Doctor, Ace, Benny October 2000 "A side-step ... into Virgin territory"
14 The Holy Terror Sixth Doctor, Frobisher November 2000 "A side-step ... into a 2-D universe"
33½ The Maltese Penguin Sixth Doctor, Frobisher, Josiah W. Dogbolter November 2002 "A special side-step into a 2-D universe"
42 The Dark Flame Seventh Doctor, Ace, Benny March 2003 "A further side-step into Virgin territory"
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