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Sick Building was the seventeenth novel in the BBC New Series Adventures series. It was written by Paul Magrs and featured the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.

Publisher's summary[]

Tiermann's World: a planet covered in wintry woods and roamed by sabre-toothed tigers and other savage beasts. The Doctor is here to warn Professor Tiermann, his wife and their son that a terrible danger is on its way.

The Tiermanns live in luxury, in a fantastic, futuristic, fully-automated Dreamhome, under an impenetrable force shield. But that won't protect them from the Voracious Craw. A gigantic and extremely hungry alien creature is heading remorselessly towards their home. When it gets there everything will be devoured.

Can they get away in time? With the force shield cracking up, and the Dreamhome itself deciding who should or should not leave, things are looking desperate...


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  • This was Paul Magrs' Doctor Who first novel to not feature Iris Wildthyme.
  • This had the working title of The Wicked Bungalow but was changed prior to the release date after the intervention of Russell T Davies.
  • The creature shown on the cover to represent the Voracious Craw is a lamprey.
  • This story was also released as an ebook available from the Amazon Kindle store.
  • The third edition of AHistory dates this story to circa 5850, as Barbra says in Enter Wildthyme that she's from the 59th century. However, many details of Barbra's backstory in Enter Wildthyme conflict with Sick Building. The short story The Dreadful Flap - which is more inline with Sick Building - gives Barbra's native era as the 35th century.



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