Sibelius Crow was a 19th century doctor. He went to university with George Litefoot. He was removed from the medical register for his extreme experiments on cadavers.

With help from Gabriel Sanders, Crow built a lab under a church graveyard in the 1890s, planning to use the corpses to create an undead army that could conquer the world for Great Britain. He was attacked by Ellie Higson when her vampirism became active. The laboratory was destroyed, burying Crow and his animated army. (AUDIO: The Necropolis Express)

Carruthers Summerton later used Crow's work to create more undead zombies and tried to frame Luke Betterman for it. (AUDIO: The Mourning After, The Museum of Curiosities)

Behind the scenes Edit

While Crow's first name is Sibelius in The Necropolis Express, he is later instead mentioned as Sebastian Crow in The Mourning After and The Museum of Curiosities.

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