Shura was a guerrilla fighter and one of the human resistance opposing the Daleks in an alternate 22nd century Earth. He was in the group led by Anat who travelled back to the 20th century to kill Sir Reginald Styles. He was sent away to receive new orders from their base, but was attacked and injured by an Ogron.

Shura was able to kill the Ogron before it killed him, but he was stranded as his fellow freedom fighters returned to their own time because of a strong Ogron attack.

Despite his injuries, he made his way to the cellar of Auderly House, intending to use a dalekanium bomb to destroy the World Peace Conference that would be held there. After the Third Doctor convinced Shura that the delegates had escaped the house and the Daleks (who had travelled back in time to stop the Doctor) were coming, Shura told the Doctor and Jo to get out and sacrificed his life to prevent his timeline from coming to pass. (TV: Day of the Daleks)

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