Shui Long was a Kalatra warrior raised as a human on Earth by the Hong Kong gang boss, Chen Luo, with the intention of taking over the planet when he came of age.

Shui was sent to Earth in an egg, landing in 1940 and being picked up by a young Chen Luo as a fisherman. It later hatched and Chen grew the resulting creature as a human, pretending he was his son and naming him 'Shui Long' to mean 'water dragon'.

By 1972, he took an interest in a waitress called Tung-Mei who was working in Chen's floating castle restaurant and refused to let her leave when he arranged to be married to her.

After she escaped and was recaptured, Shui met up with Tung-Mei, Graham O'Brien and Yasmin Khan to threaten them about his destiny. Later, they encountered the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, and Bruce Lee on a pier as Shui and Chen summoned the native Kalatra. Then, Shui revealed his real form, with glowing red eyes and four arms and engaged in battle with Bruce for the fate of the Earth. At first Shui had the upper hand, however the Doctor and Ryan realised it was due to him being him over the water and told Bruce to get him into the shore. Bruce succeeded and emerged triumphant over Shui. The Kalatra took the failed champions away with them as they withdrew from Earth. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

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