Shrewsbury was a town located in Shropshire, England.

Some time before 1415, Henry V was almost killed by an arrow at Shrewsbury. (PROSE: The Reign Makers)

Sommerton Manor, located in Shrewsbury, was the site of several reported hauntings of what they called the "Sommerton Fetch". Encounters with the apparition were reported on Christmas Eve of the years 1783, 1864, 1973, and 1993, among others. This "ghost" was actually the Third Doctor, who had been travelling randomly through time after an encounter with Casimer and her time twister. (PROSE: The Sommerton Fetch)

In 1993, the Daily Mail reported a shower of sardines falling on Shrewsbury. (PROSE: The Highest Science)

In 2007, Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams spend a week on holiday in Shrewsbury. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

By 2212, Shrewsbury had become New Wroxeter in the City State of Amwythig. In December, Casimer received a time twister as an early Christmas present from her mother, and used it to travel to 1783. She was returned home by the Doctor. (PROSE: The Sommerton Fetch)