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Short Trips Rarities or Short Trip Rarities were a series produced by Big Finish Productions of audio re-releases. The series started on 30 September 2016.

All stories in the series - except The Toy - were Subscriber Short Trips only previously available through subscriptions to specific Big Finish's Main Range Doctor Who stories. Many were audiobooks of Big Finish's own Short Trips prose anthologies as well.


# Title Author Narrator Doctor Featuring Re-released Original corresponding release Pr. code
1.1 The Toy Nigel Fairs Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Adric, The Master 30 September 2016 TCH 4 BFSTRARE01
1.2 Museum Peace James Swallow Nicholas Briggs 8th Kalendorf The Eternal Summer BFSTRARE02
1.3 Lepidoptery for Beginners John Dorney Duncan Wisbey 2nd Jamie, Zoe The Cradle of the Snake BFSTRARE03
1.4 The Little Drummer Boy Eddie Robson Beth Chalmers 1st Steven, Sara The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories BFSTRARE04
1.5 Sound the Siren And I'll Come To You Comrade John Pritchard Stephen Critchlow 4th Leela Industrial Evolution BFSTRARE05
2.1 The Switching Simon Guerrier Duncan Wisbey 3rd Jo, the Brig, Yates, Benton, The Master 29 September 2017 Legend of the Cybermen BFSTRARE06
2.2 Waiting for Gadot John Dorney Hugh Ross 4th Mask of Tragedy BFSTRARE07
2.3 Intuition Rob Nisbet Stephen Critchlow 6th Mel The Butcher of Brisbane BFSTRARE08
2.4 Twilight's End Cavan Scott, Mark Wright Beth Chalmers 7th Nimrod Rat Trap BFSTRARE09
2.5 The Young Lions Alice Cavender Stephen Critchlow 8th Lucie The Seeds of War BFSTRARE10
3.1 The Horror at Bletchington Station Chris Wing 1st Dodo 28 September 2018 The Peterloo Massacre BFSTRARE11
3.2 A Home From Home Nick Wallace 3rd Liz, Benton The Rani Elite BFSTRARE12
3.3 Only Connect Andy Lane John Banks 4th 1001 Nights BFSTRARE13
3.4 The Warren Legacy Julian Richards Stephen Critchlow Romana I Terror of the Sontarans BFSTRARE14
3.5 Lant Land Jonathan Morris Duncan Wisbey 5th Tegan, Turlough Army of Death BFSTRARE15

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